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As a minority woman-owned company, we are passionate about empowering other minority business owners to elevate their businesses.  We want to help you build something you and your family can be proud of.


Mother . Wife . Entrepreneur . Traveler

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Growing up in a family restaurant design business, Golden Town Design, I have always been entranced with watching beautiful concepts come to life. After college, I chose a career in finance, living and working in global financial hubs like New York City, London and Hong Kong. After 13 years working in the industry, the desire to be closer to family and a love for the design business brought me back to Houston. I wanted to bring back home all the wonderful things I had experienced around the world. I knew the technical and managerial skills I honed in the world of finance would enable me to build an efficient and streamlined business, and enable not only my only family but many other restaurant owners to reach their goals. Today, I love working with Houston businesses to design beautiful spaces and make dreams reality.